Dell EMC Isilon Node Migration

[vc_row][vc_column][rs_section_heading big_heading=”Dell EMC Isilon Node Migration”][vc_column_text]If you’re in the process, or will in the future need to upgrade Isilon nodes, we’re breaking down some steps for you to follow. It’s important to note that all environments are different so this document should only act as a guide for walking you through that process. Whether you … Read more

IT Support and Security Protocols for Law Firms

Legal IT Services

Approximately 80 percent of companies of all sizes reported encountering cybersecurity-related incidents in 2018, and cost businesses roughly $3.62 million per breach. In 2017 alone, about one in three of the 540 cybersecurity incidents and the 132 breaches occurred because of internal threats or employee errors; four percent of people opened phishing emails and clicked … Read more

DELL EMC IDPA – Mitigate Impact of Cyber-Threats


Cyber threats are occurring at an increasing rate and are also making it more challenging to protect your organization from. The most recent attack occurred in Texas and affected 23 towns; when the governor issues a level 2 escalated response, it’s time to start paying attention and taking your data protection goals more seriously if … Read more

The Significance of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Solution

Virtual Desktop as a Service Offering

For many years, medium and large businesses have been implementing the use of virtual machines (VMs) in various flavors.  Almost every one of them have most of their servers virtualized, but many others are still adopting virtualization for use with desktops. A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution has grown at a rapid rate. The goal is … Read more

VMware ESXi 6.7 Upgrade

VMware ESXi 6.7 Upgrade

VMware recently announced the end of support for ESXi v6.0 and vCenter 6.0 coming in March of 2020.  Since many customers are still using v6.0 now and the end of life is less than one year away, now would be a good time to start preparing for a VMware ESXi 6.7 upgrade.  In many cases, … Read more

Dell MX7000 Ready For The Future

About a month ago we attended the Dell EMC MX7000 training in Austin, TX and gave an overview of some of our takeaways. Today let’s spend a little more time discussing the product and the features that come along with it. To recap, the Dell MX7000 is not an upgrade from the M1000E Chassis but … Read more

Database Snapshots within Dell EMC Unity & SC Series Storage

Most organizations database applications are the most critical data in the organization.  Protecting those databases with database snapshots provide a mechanism to meet the Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives  (RTO) requirements these organizations need.  While database snapshots are only part of a data protection strategy, they are useful in solving a variety … Read more

Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise to Increase Productivity

OpenManage Server

Last week we had the opportunity to attend Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas. In addition to the fantastic networking opportunities and hands-on technical training, we were able to participate in training sessions led by industry experts. Dell Technologies OpenManage Enterprise was one session that caught our attention. We learned that while many customers use … Read more

The Return of Nearline Storage – Dell EMC Unity

Cloud Tiering Appliance

A Little History Hierarchical Storage Management or HSM is an architecture focused on placing the right data on the right storage for the right price.  This solution decades ago was often called “Nearline” because data was all online but not on the same type of media.  By using a Nearline or HSM approach organizations could … Read more