Cyber Security Solution Providers + 3 Data Security Protocols to Consider


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As the IT industry grows and hackers become smarter, there is a growing threat to businesses and their most critical asset, their data. Our goal is to break down some of these threats and 3 of the top protocols that industry experts follow to mitigate their exposure to these threats.

Protected Mobile Devices

The number of endpoints has grown explosively through the last few years. With a growing number of endpoints, comes greater challenges to secure all of them from external threats. Statistics show that there are 4 billion + smartphones on the planet now alone and are growing at 12% Year-over-Year. So how do we secure mobile devices?

Here protocols to consider:

  • Leverage a Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool. Consider a solution provider that offers VMware AirWatch.
  • Use strong passwords and leverage Two-factor Authentication (2FA) when possible
  • Ensure public or free WiFi is secure
  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Encrypt your device
  • Install an Antivirus Application
  • Run updates when they’re rolled out

Remaining Compliant Starts with End User Training

“Data security is not an IT problem, it’s a people problem.” – VirtuIT President, Michael Murphy

Different industries have different compliance requirements and regulations that they need to meet in order to remain compliant with industry best practices. Some of the most common compliance audits that are dealt with include:

There’s not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to remain compliant due to the complexity and variations of different requirements depending on your industry; But a great way to start is by training the users within your organization.

VirtuIT has partnered with industry leading security awareness training provider, KnowBe4 to ensure that users are having a discussion around security, and executing training to ensure they’re progressing their security awareness.

What does security awareness training look like? Here are just a few executable’s that your organization can practice with the right tools in place:

  • Test Phishing E-mails – sends users within organization test emails to see which users can identify whether it’s a safe e-mail
  • Weak Password Tests – check the security level of your passwords
  • Ransomware simulator – tests network effectiveness in blocking ransomware and social engineering attacks]

One of the most significant benefits of end-user security awareness training is that your organization will receive scores that determine their awareness level. It’s expected that initially your scores will be low, but as your users are tested and trained, scores increase, and the organization collectively becomes much more secure.

Keeping in mind that security breaches start and stop with people, ensuring your people are aware and trained is a huge step in your security planning and threat mitigation goals.

Security Operations Center as a Service (SOC-as-a-Service)

The final security protocol that we’ll highlight today is an Outsourced Cyber Security Solution Providers. VirtuIT has partnered with a company called Arctic Wolf  to provide this offering.

This service provides 24×7 network monitoring with a detection and response offering that ensure threats are quickly identified and remediated. Here are the top 3 value-adds of a SOC-as-a-Service offering:

Intrusion Prevention Detect and Monitor Threats Contain and Respond to Threats
Quickly identify vulnerabilities Unlimited Log Ingestion Custom rules for issue escalation
Prioritize remediation efforts based on significance of threat Cloud Monitoring Incident Quarantine Capability
Continuous Scanning Dedicated Concierge Team -24×7 Reporting to provide full picture

Why outsource?

  • Costly to build out internally
  • Lengthy process for SIEM learning
  • Expensive to have internal resources

By leveraging outsourced cyber security service providers, you pay a monthly management fee and then rest assured that you’re receiving 24×7 monitoring with specialists on standby ready to address any security threats as they arise.

Choosing the appropriate security protocols or a cyber security solution provider for your business can be overwhelming. This post and discussion below are meant to act as a trigger to get your organization thinking about how your business can become more secure.