Data Backup

Immutable Backup Jobs That Can't Be Modified or Deleted..

Data Backup Built for Enhanced Security

Data Backup

Building a corporate data backup strategy can be overwhelming, but by leveraging the right partners you can simplify this process and take the pressure off of your technical team.

With the advancement of technology and the amount of data that we use on a daily basis rapidly increasing, it is more crucial now to ensure you have a corporate data backup strategy for your business.

Corporate Data Backup is a great start for your data protection goals, but before pulling the trigger you need to make sure you understand what the offering provides.

What You Get

Powered By Veeam

Our data backup solution is completely powered by Veeam Software

As a cloud connect provider, engineers are immersed in the technology so that you receive experts throughout deployment and ongoing management of your backups. 

Veeam Cloud Backup Visio

Veeam Cloud Connect

Backup jobs leverage immutable technology so that your data can’t be modified or deleted by hackers/insider threats. 

If you’re looking for a Veeam Cloud Connect Provider, then you understand the importance of data security measures and just need a little help implementing them.

You have the ability to completely offload the hassle of your backup and disaster recovery plans, or let our staff complement your technical team to:

– Continuously monitor backups

– Provide data insight and reporting

– Securely backup and/or replicate data based on your needs

Looking for Additional BDR Options?

Additional Security Add-ons

Backup for Office 365

Backup critical Microsoft data such as Teams and OneDrive for further security enhancement.

Disaster Recovery

Replicate live production data and set your required RPO/RTO.

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