Veeam Cloud Backup

Immutable backups that can't be modified or deleted..

Veeam Cloud Backup

Veeam Cloud Backup That Just Works

Your Challenge

Effectively deploying and managing a Veeam cloud backup solution that is continuously monitored.

The Solution

Veeam Cloud Backup with Cloud Connect enables a solution where your cloud provider manages your backups and backup copies. The backups are saved locally at your site and then copies are pushed out to your cloud providers infrastructure.

**See DR Solution for replication

Here's What You Get

Solutions Tailored for Your Needs

Full report of all servers protected within your environment and a point-in-time snapshot of backups’ success/failure.

Includes review of capacity, backup efficiency, plan & test recoveries, upgrades & planning, inventory count.

A designated technician will monitor backups to ensure they are successful and identify any needed remediation efforts.

In the event that restore assistance is needed, technicians will respond to tickets within agreed upon SLA’s to complete the restore.

Backups stored offsite and away from customer network. This prevents deletion of any objects & proof that data has not been modified.

Automatically test to ensure that backup jobs have completed successfully, and the data is accessible and valid.

Veeam Cloud Backup

Not all business needs are the same. Depending on your objectives that we’ll collectively identify, Veeam Cloud Backup offers an array of features that are completely customizable.

Key Features

Quick, unscheduled backups. Store the backup file to a backup repository, to a local folder on the backup server or to a network share.

Move VMs between ESXi hosts. Quick Migration works similarly to vMotion and can be used if you do not have licensing that allows for vMotions.

Scan machine data with antivirus software before restoring the machine to the production environment.

Create an independent, fully functioning copy of a VM for use when moving datacenters, creating a test lab, etc.

Copy and move files/folders between servers and hosts added to the backup infrastructure. For file copying operations, Veeam BUR has a Windows Explorer-like user interface familiar to a Microsoft Windows user.

Using SureBackup and SureReplica, letting you test your backups and replications without impacting production infrastructure.

An isolated virtual environment where you can start one or more VMs from backups, VM replicas or VMs from storage snapshots.

Run an executable script for VMs before recovering them to the production environment. Staged restore can help you ensure that recovered VMs do not contain any personal or sensitive data.

Looking for Additional BDR Options?

Additional Security Add-Ons

Backup for Office 365

Backup critical Microsoft data such as Teams and OneDrive for further security enhancement.

Disaster Recovery

Replicate live production data and set your required RPO/RTO.

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