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Hosted Virtual Desktops For the Remote Workforce

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

A virtual desktop infrastructure is the use of virtual machines that can be spun up and managed by an IT provider.

COVID-19 has accelerated the remote workforce era and hosted virtual desktops have become a go-to solution for organizations looking to remain agile. 

Physical presence at the company HQ is no longer needed for employees to be on your network and productive.

Employees can work from home, another office location, or from the beach for that matter without compromising security and productivity.

By leveraging the cloud, our hosted offering allows you to choose the number of virtual desktops you need, and scale with the needs of your employees.

Common Challenges with A Traditional Desktop Architecture

Next gen resources

A traditional architecture means that you have to continually buy hardware, software, and manage upgrades/patching. 

A hosted virtual desktop solution enables you to rent the compute resources you need and scale users as your business grows. You’ll run on a secure architecture that’s managed for you. 

Enhanced security for remote work

With a workforce that’s increasing adopting the remote-work model, challenges arise when your employees are accessing company data from anywhere. 

If your device is lost or stolen, sensitive information is still protected with a hosted virtual desktop. You’ll also work with the IT provider to set industry-best security policies for added protection. 

Leveraging a cloud architecture has many benefits and increased security is an attractive one.

Increased Agility

With lower costs because you no longer have to continue buying the latest hardware, and time savings by no longer having to manage organization-wide desktops, your IT department can remain agile with the growing business demands. 

Hosted virtual desktops are fully managed by the IT provider, and can scale as needed with automated policy. 

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