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Office 365 Backup

Your Challenge

Most users assume that Microsoft Office backs up your email. It doesn’t. You need Veeam Office 365 backup to ensure your critical emails are backed up.

The Solution

Backup for MS O365 is an additional service that can exist as an entirely standalone option for customers, or be added to any of the previous service offerings.  It allows for the backup of Exchange 365 Online, Exchange Server 2013-2019, 365 SharePoint Online, and/or SharePoint Server 2016-2019 data to the VirtuIT cloud.

This flexible option enables you to manage your own backups or offload to your cloud provider to handle it for you.

Here's What You Get

Solutions Tailored for Your Needs

The mailbox report shows the total number of protected/unprotected mailboxes per organization.  A protected mailbox is one that has been backed up within the last 31 days.  Group mailboxes, Public mailboxes, Shared mailboxes, and Resource mailboxes are included in the report.  The Storage Consumption reports show statistical information on used space in backup or object storage repositories. 

VirtuIT techs will review the backup results daily to ensure that backups were successful.  Any failed backups will be addressed by the tech in a timely manner to ensure the continued success of future backups in the chain.

In addition to the daily checks, VirtuIT techs will work with your staff to ensure all backups are completing successfully, and within the anticipated backup window. Backup jobs will be edited and maintained as necessary to ensure the optimal performance and desired results for the backup environment.

In the event you require an Office 365 object to be restored, a ticket can be raised to the VirtuIT Help Desk requesting we step in to complete the restore for you.

Office 365 Backup

Key Features

Browse and restore backed up mailbox data.

Browse and restore backed up SharePoint data.

Browse and restore backed up Teams data.

Browse and restore backed up OneDrive data.

Show statistical information on protected and unprotected mailboxes of your Microsoft Office 365 and on-premises Microsoft Exchange organizations.

Show statistical information on used space in backup or object storage repositories.

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Disaster Recovery

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