Desktop Managed Services

Securely access Applications and remain productive from anywhere..

Desktop Managed Services to Enhance Productivity

Desktop Managed Services

Rather than make the costly investment in staff and infrastructure, companies are turning to an IT Support partner to free them from the burden of technical support so they can focus on their core business issues.

We have U.S. based technical support teams that are trained to resolve your issues quickly and efficiently. Teams are organized by customer, so they become experts in your environment.

Incidents are resolved by our remote services team or an onsite visit by one of our experienced engineers.

With desktop managed services, ensure that desktop applications are secure and accessible so that your employees are efficient from anywhere. 

Foundation of Desktop Managed Services

IT Support Consulting

Engineers can scope out your environment and recommend solutions that address any issues that you’ve had in the past, and mitigate them in the future.

Whether that be hardware/software upgrades, maintenance, or just planning for the next 12 months.

Consulting occurs on an as needed basis, so we can be there as little or as much as you require.

Outsourced Cyber Security Services

Asset Management

Have you ever lost track of time and forgot to renew support on a machine? Or what about forgetting how long you’ve had that machine in the first place?

By leveraging our asset management, you receive real time reporting that details when the machine was purchased, if it has support on it, when it becomes ‘end of life’, and gain an understanding of how it’s being utilized.

You’ll no longer be bombarded with an estimate of how much you have to spend on new equipment because you’ll already have a plan in place.

Day-to-Day Help Desk

Our goal is to ensure that we’re only there when you need us, and that you need us as little as possible.
From fixing printing issues to troubleshooting hardware/software issues, you’ll have policies in place so maintenance occurs without you even realizing it.
Today’s environment often doesn’t even require a physical presence onsite, engineers can remotely address most needs and you can get back to work within minutes!

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security protection helps you stop evolving attacks, simplify endpoint security and meet compliance requirements. 

Organizations must secure physical and virtual endpoint devices and the data on them, while still satisfying end user requirements to embrace computing trends like bring-your-own-device (BYOD), sharing data in public cloud services and workforce mobility.

A Process-oriented model

Scoping call 25%
Free network/environment assessment 50%
Built out solution with dedicated architect 75%
Deploy a proactive approach to IT management and monitoring 100%

Results Matter

We believe in following enhanced processes so that your team has clear expectations of how we’ll work together. 

Solutions are built under a process-oriented model that is continuously enhanced to better serve customers and provide a seamless experience when it comes to IT. 

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