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Process Oriented IT Consulting

IT Consulting Services begin with letting our architects review your current environment and determine if there is a need for improvement.

Assuming that there is, you’ll be walked through our VirtuIT Proven Process to ensure that the complexities are broken down and made simple.

A Proven Methodology That Seeks to Understand

All needs aren’t the same regardless of your industry vertical. Too often, IT consultants and solution integrators go into a meeting without understanding their customers’ business.

We’ll seek to understand, first; Ensuring that you meet:

  • Compliance requirements
  • Data retention goals
  • Performance results

Your IT partners should be transparent so it’s clear whether or not goals align.

During the qualification meeting, it’s important to ensure you’re not wasting time on an engagement that doesn’t provide value.

Understanding your IT infrastructure is just as crucial as understanding your business.

An IT assessment will be run to gain a full understanding of your IT environment. Some of the assessment tools that we use include but aren’t limited to:

After gaining a full understanding of your IT environment (IOPs, capacity utilized, estimated growth, etc.), we’ll design a solution that leverages:

    • Next-Generation Technology
    • Cloud-ready architecture
    • Enhanced Autonomy

We understand budgets aren’t always as flexible as you’d like.

By working with VirtuIT, you receive discounts that are passed directly from the original manufacturer, ensuring that you get the most for your hard earned dollars.

For example, Converged and hyper-converged architectures powered by Dell EMC VxRail, allow us to do more with less.

Our deployment engineers spend at minimum, 20% of their time training so that your technical team doesn’t have to.

We also pride ourselves on certifications from each original manufacturer’s product that is being deployed so that you’re provided a seamless end user experience without an impact to performance.

The solution is now deployed and it’s time for a complete knowledge-transfer so that your solution is completely transparent.

We can be as much or as little involved as you’d like to ensure:

  • Performance is maximized
  • Frequent updates are completed
  • Continuous monitoring is in place
  • Data is secure

Our relationship doesn’t end once your new IT infrastructure is deployed.

Expect frequent (but not too frequent) check-ins to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Outsourced IT Consulting

Our IT Consulting practice ensures that your business gains agility that allows your organization to respond rapidly to changes in your environment, without losing momentum or vision.

Do you feel overwhelmed with the challenges of the rapidly changing IT environment today?  IT Consulting Services can help IT managers identify where their obstacles are and formulate an IT strategy to execute on them.

IT plays a significant role in enabling your company to gain agility, maximize efficiency, and continually adapt to changes. Businesses continually face new challenges, however, these challenges often come with new opportunities.

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